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India: Unity in Diversity

India is perhaps the most ethnically diverse country in the world. Rich in arts, philosophy and religion, India, no doubt, is a premier State in Asia. This essay discussed the seemingly ironies in India: history, language and literature, etc.

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Table of contents

The Indus Civilization 1
Indo-Aryan Invasions of India 2
The Vedic Age (c. 1500-900 B.C.) 2
The Epic Age (c. 900-500 B.C.) 3
Language and Literature 4
The Upanishads: Core of Indian Theology 5
Sources 6

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INDIA: UNITY IN DIVERSITY We can think of India as a gigantic triangle, bounded on two sides by ocean and on the third by the mountain wall of Himalayas. Through the passes to the northwest came to armed conquerors, restless tribes, and the merchants and travelers who did much to shape the turbulent history of his land. For purposes of discussion, the land can be divided into four parts: the westernmost portion is now known as Baluchistan; next to Baluchistan and north of the Narbada River is Hindustan; the area between the Narbada and Kristna rivers is called the Deccan; and the territory south of the Kristna Rivers is called Tamil Land. Our interest lies principally in Hindustan, where India’s earliest civilization developed. In recent years some ...

... which a person must contend during his life; it explains and justifies the caste system.

(7) The purpose of human existence is spiritual. Life operates according to law and never by chance, nor can any individual soul be “lost,” irrespective of its earthy limitations. It is always part of Atman, and eventually it will be consciously reabsorbed into Brahman. Then, and then only, will the soul be free.
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Benjamin I.

When it comes to diversity, India, I guess, is the most highly diverse nation in the world, if not the most highly diverse one. I particularly admire its philosophy and literature; they seem to intermesh.

Great writing! Keep up.

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