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A story set in the hills of the Himalayas in which a rumour is passed which happens to interrupt with the lives of the people leaving them with a sleepless night. the story unfolds how this rumour affects the people and later realize that it was all a misunderstanding that caused menace in the village.

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Table of contents

1) Introduction
2) Body of the essay which includes how the normal routine of the village is upset due to a misunderstanding causing havoc in the village.  
3) Conclusion- How things settle down and the lives of the people return to normal.

Preview of the essay: Misunderstood

It was a nice and sunny Sunday morning. My friends and I had gone to Manali for a holiday. We had already been there for two weeks ...

... foolish that such a rumour had been passed about robbers entering the gallery. Soon after that, we all went to bed and moved on with our daily routines.
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Princess R.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Bad rumors will cause the most undesirable social upheaval.

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