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This essay is about consumer behaviours and looks at a family as the major consumer.Families are important to marketing managers because they constitute consumption units and therefore represent the proper unit of analysis for many aspects of marketing strategy

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Introduction 1
Discussion 1
A). Socialization of family members 1
Economic Well-being 2
C) Emotional Support 3
(D)Suitable Family Lifestyle 3
Conclusion 3
Question 1(ii): 4
Introduction 4
Discussion 4
Question 2(i) 7
1. Direct experience with object 7
2. Influence of family and friends 7
3. Direct marketing 8
4. Association 8
Question 2 (ii) 8
(b) The effective component 9
(c) The Conative Component 10
Consumer behavior Fifth Edition by Hawkins, Best, Cone 10

Anteprima della tesi: CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR

A family is a house hold unit that consists of two or more related persons, one whom owns or rents the living quarters. The nuclear family consists of two adults of opposite sex, living in a socially approved sex relationship with their own or adopted children. The nuclear family is important in virtually every culture. It is the most common version of family. A nuclear family can also be created in a single – parent family where there’s death of one spouse, or, more commonly divorce.
The extended family household includes the nuclear family plus additional relations. The most common form of extended family involves the inclusion of one or both sets of grandparents. In addition aunts, uncles ...

... emotional state at the time. If joyous you get a positive response to the mall. If sad you get a negative response. This will affect the recall of the mall whenever you go there. (c) The Conative Component Concerned with the likelihood or tendency that and individual will undertake a specific action or behave in a particular way with the actual behavior of a person. In marketing and consumer research, the conative component is frequently treated as an expression of the consumer’s intention to buy. i.e. a positive brand commitment in the form of a positive answer to an attitude intention question impacts in a positive way on the actual brand purchase.
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