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This essay talks about arts education standards. It suggests thateducators and planners and even the society at large should be in the first line to help the learners to make arts education to serve its main function. And each learner ought to develop an understanding of the meaning of art, how artists perform and tools and techniques they use, the role of art in the society.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Dance 1
Music 2
Theater 2
Visual Arts 3
Recommendations and Conclusions 3
References 3

Preview of the essay: ARTS EDUCATION STANDARDS

All students need access to high and quality education including understanding no matter their background ...

... also know the importance of art to their lives and how it relates to the other disciplines.
If you and me appreciate art education the we will appreciate a variety of cultures and historical events.
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Art Studies
Benjamin I.

The essay is brief but very informative!

Gisele C.

I found this essay amusing because it has table of content when it could be accommodate in just a page. Not so much of a good presentation; needs further improvement.

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