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Theories of Language Sexism

The existence of language sexism has been studied by sociolinguists for the past years. These years of studies lead to the formulation of different theories explaing the whys of language sexism. This essay runs down the different theories of language sexism.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
The Theory of Man 2
The Muted Group Theory 3
The Gender Theory of Language 3
Ambivalent Theory of Language 3
The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis 5

Preview of the essay: Theories of Language Sexism

"Women are not in the wrong when they decline to accept the rules laid down for them, since men make these rules without consulting them." (Montaigne quoted in de Beauvoir Vintage Edition 1989:xxviii) Introduction Why the English language is very biased towards women can be explained by the evolution of the language over centuries. The existence of sexism in language did not happen overnight. Instead, the phenomenon is a product of language change that did occur through a long span of time. There are different theories that ...

... in the field and should, therefore, be regarded in a research study that will shed more light and create an informed awareness to the users of the language. There are already existing studies in this field such as those discussed in the Chapter 2 of this book but are not enough to give readers a thorough grasp of this phenomenon. While these studies may not offer the panacea to all enigmatic questions that may be posed in the future, they nonetheless offer some significant insights that can help people further their understanding about the existence of language sexism in written communication.
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