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A project plan on a Mall shopping Cart

This is a proposal of the creation of a shopping mall for Information technology. It basically has all ther guidance that will be used till the whole mall is intiated this includes the budget activities to take place.

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Table of contents

Executive summary 2
Table of Contents 3
1.0 Introduction 4
1.1 Organisational background 4
1.2 Benefits and Importance of the Shopping Cart 4
2.0 Goals and objectives 5
3.0 System scope 6
3.1 General Requirements 6
3.2 Non functional requirements 6
3.3 Hardware Requirements 7
3.3.1     Development 7
3.3.2 User Client-side 7
3.3.3 User Server-side 7
3.4 Major Constraints 7
4.0 Limitatios of the System 8
5.0 Resource requirement 8
5.1 Hardware Requirements 8
5.2 Software Requirements 8
6.0 Project Budget 10
7.0 Project approach 11
8.0 Project schedule 13
9.0 Risk Management 14
9.1 Scope and intent of RMMM activities 14
9.2 Possible Risks Description 14
9.3 Risk Table 15
10.0 Project Developer 16
11.0 Tracking and Control Mechanisms 16
12.0 Bibliography 17

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A project plan on a mall shopping Cart. Executive summary Overview Obby’s Mall is facing stiff competition from other malls, the store’s sales have decreased and as a result there has been a reduction in profits. The mamangement feels that inorder for the mall to make profits and overcome the challenges of competition, improved technology and fulfill its functions, it requires strong ICT support. The management has therefore established that a shopping cart dubbed “Obby’s Mall Shopping Cart “would indeed help the store to improve its dales and increase the store’s profits. Objectives of the project The major objective of this project is to develop a Shopping Cart that ...

... Clients 11.2 Change Management and Control
❖ Formal version numbering will be used.
❖ All version changes must be documented in a common document before a new version number can be released.
❖ All older versions of any document or codes will be preserved for reference purposes.
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Princess R.

This project plan creates a good opportunity for business owners to conceptualize a project of their own.

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