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Language Sexism and Social Reforms

This essay discusses in part the impact of language sexism. It also discusses the social reforms in changing the perceptions of the people towards a fairer use of language in social communication.

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The Impact of Language Sexism 2
The Move for Language Reforms 3
Changing the Way People Use Language 4
Coinage 4
On Eliminating Sexism in Language: Enforcement, Persuasion or Evolution? 6
Educating the Learner of the Gender-Neutral Language 6
Changing Language, Changing Reality 8

Anteprima della tesi: Language Sexism and Social Reforms

“With words, we govern world.” ---Benjamin Disraeli The Impact of Language Sexism These are just a few reasons why sexism in language is an issue that people should all be concerned with. Kintanar (2003) explains aptly why people should make a fuss in our gendered communication. Accordingly, whether one likes it or not, the concept of gender is in language. In both English and Spanish, for instance, language users classify nouns according to gender as masculine, feminine, neuter. Japanese male and female speakers use different forms of the same language to emphasize differences in terms of sex and status. Gender in language is therefore an inevitable fact. Language is far from being a trivial thing; words in themselves are not insignificant. Words have tremendous power to influence the pattern of thinking, system of belief and behavioral norms of the society. ...

... that ten percent of the energy needed to keep their heads above water. They manage to do so, they write and they are published. The rest of them are here following, fighting and celebrating new successes, extending the network so all women on the planet can have the right to a voice, to words, in the knowledge that they see the world through the canvas of language and motivated by the certainty that sexist language, the one they have learned, contributes to the perpetration of the patriarchy. They also know that when they have a language that represents them, it will change reality. That’s why they keep forging ahead. In that sense, parents no longer put girls to sleep with fairy stories. They will now tell them that good girls go to heaven and bad girls get to go everywhere… and that this particular story is far from over.
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