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Characteristics of a good public service

The public service in any country should be of good characteristics to its citizens.It should be managed in a democracy process and not as a business.The paper has discussed on proper characteristics that should be adopted to ensure that public service sector is proper managed.

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Characteristics of a good public service 1
Introduction 1
Police Department: 2
Fire department: 3
Health sector: 4
Case studies: 5
Police department: 5
Fire Department: 8
Health sector: 9
Discussion: 10
References: 13

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The public service in any country should be run like a democracy and not a business. In an ideal sense, it is supposed to be run by public servants that are acting in the moral ideals of principles like public interest, awareness in the ideal way of governance, and also in expanding the democratic citizenship of the people. As a result, they are supposed to be using new skills to develop and implement policies, recognize and accept the complexity of the challenges they face and treating their fellow public servants and citizens with renewed dignity and respect. Creation of new and more vibrant policies create a good rapport between the people in the public service and also with the general public as there is a new sense of service and communal service that is being offered to the people in these places. This is the wish of every citizen in a country that experiences challenges and complains from the public demanding or an upheaval of the public serve given the fact that they supposed ...

... and ineffectiveness. This is a good way to induce proper public governance and also create running sectors to support the economy. The health sector is another that requires complete overhaul given the fact that there are many quacks that have infiltrated the sector and are offering bogus services to the patients. It is a prerequisite to the government to offer services that are relevant and efficient to the patients without causing any harm to the people in the long run. Due to this the governments of various nations should come up with a platform that is consistent, flexible and adaptable to the individual needs and demands rather than those that are consistent on having individuals follow the rules they can not identify with.
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