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The Importance of Music in Early Childhood

The paper is about The Importance of Music in Early Childhood.Early childhood, a period of rapid change and development, is the most critical period in a child's musical growth and has been identified in the literature as the "music babble".

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Early Childhood Development 1
Understanding and Performance 2
Adult Involvement 3
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The media's popularization of findings from studies indicating a causal link between music training and spatial reasoning in young children (Rauscher et al. 1993, 1997) has caught the attention of many and spurred interest in the inclusion of music in early childhood education. Curriculum models that substantiate this point of view
are credible; however, music educators need to remind decision makers about other valid reasons for teaching music in the early childhood curriculum. The purpose of this article is to survey some of the work in ...

... experience suggesting that early childhood development in general and successful educational programs in particular can be attributed to the partnership between the young child and his or her significant others. Similarly, it seems that this philosophy could be applied practically to early childhood music education. Forming collaborations among the adults who care for our nation's youngest children and understanding the learning processes specific to early child-hood will foster music abilities and contribute significantly to the overall growth and development of the child.  
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Benjamin I.

They say that music is a universal soul. Let me add this: music is a universal charmer of mind. Some experts say that letting a child listen to classical music will make him smart. That's the smart thing to do!

Gisele C.

Music is not only a good therapy to a troubled mind; it is also a way to make babies intelligent in their early stage of development. What a nice way to educating the child early.

Princess R.

Music is therapeutic. That's true. Music is likewise a growth stimulator for babies mentally or intellectually speaking. Let them think like Plato by letting them hear Chopin or Beethoven.

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