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Arms Races and Arms Control in the Nuclear Age

I wrote this essay to discuss international arms races and arms control, one of the most critical dimensions of the larger problem of controlling global violence in the late twentieth century. The topic of this essay is a very familiar issue in international politics and relations.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
The Nature and Magnitude of the Problem 2
Nuclear Deterrence and Arms control 5
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Arms Races and Arms Control in the Nuclear Age     Introduction              Political leaders frequently observe that the need for disarmament is more pressing than ever. These same leaders then frequently turn to their defense budgets and place order for ever sophisticated weapons. This paradox was seen at the UN World Disarmament Conference of 1982, which was attended by peace loving participants ranging from president of the United States and the foreign minister of the Soviet Union, whose governments were in the process of expanding their multibillion-dollar military of 800. Such conferences proceed on the assumption that if the tools of violence can somehow be controlled. The arguments is, in fact, ...

... lasers, and partial orbit weapons can sail. The Biological Weapons Convention of 1972, also sign by most states, goes further than the Geneva Protocol in outlawing germ warfare, insofar as it forbids not only the use of biological weapons but even their production and stock piling. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is responsible for safeguards on the use of nuclear fuels and disposals of wastes associated with the NPT agreement and the Treaty of Tlatelolco, which established a nuclear-weapons free zone in Latin America. 
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Benjamin I.

The issue on nuclear disarmament has been a great deal even during the Cold War between the two most powerful nations in the world three decades ago. Now arms and nuclear control remains an international concern that may pose threat to the world. war could be a way to impose peace but it could be the way to destroy it.

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