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The Rastafari: Cultural Creation and Adaptation

This is a case study of cultural adaptation of Jamaican ethnic group known as the Rastafari. In this essay, you will find an interesting discussion of the Rastafari as a classic example of cultural adaptation.

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The Rastafari: Cultural Creation and Adaptation The Rastafari community emerged on the Caribbean island of Jamaica in the 1930s. Since that time, these have spread throughout the island of Caribbean, into parts of the Afrecan states of Kenya and Ethiopia and the urban centers of the United States, England, and Canada. As part of a larger society, the Rastafari can be called a subculture (a term they would probably reject) and present an interesting comparison to other subcultures such as the Spanish Gypsies. The Rastafari subculture has a value system that emphasizes economic communalism, solidarity within the group, ...

... different individuals. A number of anthropologists have addressed this issue; most significantly those interested in life histories or in what has recently been called “person centered ethnography” (Langness and Frank 1981). The life history is a collaborative effort between the anthropologists and a person who tells his or her life story. Life histories can answer questions about the meaning culture has for individual the relationship of personality to cultural norms, deviance or individual differences, and the role of individuals in bringing about and incorporating cultural change.   
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Benjamin I.

The Rastafari culture is really interesting. This paper provides a good glimpse of this group. I recommend this essay to students who would like to make a comparative study of other cultures in their sociology or anthropology class.

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