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Culture and Norms

I presented in this essay the role of culture in human adaptation. As a form human adaptation, cultural adaptation is as equally crucial as biological evolution.

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Table of contents

Overview 1
The Relationship between Norms and Behavior 2
Cultural Integration 4
Cultural Integration and Cultural Change 5
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CULTURE AND NORMS Overview Anthropologists have most often been concerned with culture as a system of norms. Norms are the ideas a society has about what ought to be done and the ways in which behavior ought to be carried out. A simple example of a norm is the expectation in the United States that, when two adult males are introduced to each other, they will shake hands. Behavior is not always consistent with norms; the first Kinsey report (1948) in the United States indicated, for example, that in such areas as extramarital sex and homosexual experience, there was a considerable gap between what people did and cultural norms. In all societies there is some deviation from the norms. In describing the ...

... 15. The relation between norms and behavior is complex. In some cases, they correspond; in other cases, behavior deviates from the norms. Sometimes behavior change leads to change in norms. Sometimes norms change first, leading to change in behavior. 16. Ambiguity, or even conflict, between norms gives a culture flexibility; individuals can manipulate norms for their own personal ends. But conflict between norms can also put stress on the individual. 17. Culture tends to be integrated. The basic social institutions of a society tend to fit together, and the values underlying cultural patterns tend to be consistent. The integration of culture is a tendency; no culture is perfectly integrated.
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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

It is interesting to observe norms as a very important aspect of culture. One cannot separate norms and folkways as part and parcel of culture. I like the content of this essay

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