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Human Adaptation: A Look Into Biological Evolution

This essay looks into the biological aspects of human adaptation. It discusses among others the gradual adaptation in human evolution as well as its implications to human diversity.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Human Adaptation 2
Adaptation in Human Evolution 3
Primate Characteristics 4
Hominid Adaptations 7
Major Components 8
Adaptation and Human Diversity 10
Sources 12

Preview of the essay: Human Adaptation: A Look Into Biological Evolution

HUMAN ADAPTATION: A LOOK INTO BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION Introduction Almost all behavior in monkeys and apes involves a mixture of the learned and the innate; almost all behavior is under some genetic control in that its development is channeled –although the amount of channeling varies.... [Humans are] the leaning animals par excellence. We have more to learn, take longer to do it, learn it in a more complex and yet more efficient way (that is culturally), and have a unique type of communication system to promote our learning. Studies of human behavior, at least under naturalistic conditions have been mostly the preserve of social anthropologists.... the anthropological achievement gas been to document the extraordinary lengths to which human groups will go to behave differently from other groups. The term ...

... the limits within which the trait (e.g., height, weight, body-fat distribution) can develop, and environmental factors, such as diet, disease, and climate, influence its final form. Therefore, what was once thought to be a simple of differentiating human groups into separate categories now appears to be evidence of the enormous complexity of the human adaptation. Due to both cultural and biological mechanisms, humans have been able to expand their habitats into a range of varied and demanding environments. Though humans are indeed diverse, this diversity actually reflects the biocultural heritage that unites us all into a single, highly adaptable species.
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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

It cannot be denied that a discussion on biological evolution will involve an entangled debate. However, this subject is so interesting as to ignore. This essay is highly recommended for anthropology and sociology students.

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