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relationship between airlines and airports

The essay looks into the relationship between airlines and the various airports. Their activities and processes are closely examined .

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Table of contents

• Aims and objectives 3
• Introduction 4
• Infrastructure 6
• Revenues 8
• Security 9
• Passenger processing 12
• Freight processing 15
• Conclusion 17
• References 18

Preview of the essay: relationship between airlines and airports

Air transportation is provided as a result of cooperative effect between Airlines and Airport. An airline may be defined as a company or organization that owns a fleet of aircrafts whose basic function is to transport people and goods from one location to other using airways. Airlines belong to the larger and complex category of the airline industry, which is, a system of transportation that focuses on transporting people and goods from one place to another. The history of commercial airlines dates back to the 1900s. All is attributed to the Wright brothers who flew flier one aircraft on the 17th of December 1903. It was during the world wars that needs for planes for military purposes were constructed in plenty. After the wars, these planes remained ‘idle’ and thus became commercial planes for civilian use. With growing amount of traffic in the air, it became important to introduce scheduled commercial air services and also establish technical ...

... it is scheduled. The loads are then dispatched to a freighter aircraft which is usually positioned on a nearby stand. Inbound freight also follows certain procedures upon arrival into the airport. When a freighter from a given airline sets ground on a particular airport, it remains the airport’s obligation to attend to the airline’s customers in ensuring that it gets to them. Once the delivery is done, the airport takes over. The cargo personnel first unload the freight from the cargo plane and take it to the terminal using a truck to carry it. When it reaches the terminal, it is then separated into small packages and checked in. international freight usually goes through customs’ inspection for clearance and once it is cleared it’ taken to the holding area awaiting pick up by a freight forwarder. It is taken to the land side dock for dispatch to the freight forwarder through surface transportation.
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Princess R.

Very insightful! I recognize the validity and reliability of the ideas presented in this essay. There must be a concordant relationship between airline and airport if both are to operate harmoniously.

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