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urbun challange in africa

Africa is the world's fastest urbanizing continent. According to a recent United Nations report, some urban centers are growing at an annual rate of more than 4.5 percent.

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About 40 percent of Africa's population lives in cities and that figure is expected to double by 2030. Lagos, Kampala and Addis Ababa are among the world's fastest growing cities. By 2020, Nairobi, Johannesburg and Abidjan will be home to more than 10-million people each, and 77 other African cities will have one-million people each, according to the United Nations.
But this trend is not unique to Africa. More than three-billion of the world's people already live in cities and the United Nations expects the number to surpass five-billion by 2030. But most analysts say that Africa, which is one of the world's most underdeveloped regions, is the least equipped to meet the demands of its growing ...

... through NEMA a key partner in the project and who is also the country ESD co-ordinator will participate. The Universities in particular have been earmarked to carry out research on water quality and monitoring.

Nairobi city generates about 2,400 metric tons of solid waste every day and only half is collected and transported to the designated Dandora Waste disposal site while the rest remains as illegal “Dumps” haphazardly spread in the city. Most of the waste from these illegal dumpsites is swept into the Nairobi Rivers during rainstorms. In addition, many factories indiscriminately discharge their effluent into the rivers without any regard to existing legislation and their Impact to health and the environment.
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