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Government business models in China and USA

The paper has compared two government business models in china and USA and how they have contributed to growth of the economy.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
Government business models in china 2
The Nortel Huawei Deal 2
The strategic partnership business model 3
The business of lobbying in china 4
The government and business reforms 5
Government business models in America 6
Lobbying in America 6
Diversification 7
Conclusion 9
References 10

Preview of the essay: Government business models in China and USA

Government business models are very important to improve the current economy of a country. A government business model in any country is used for depicting the business processes of the government. A government business model in any country may involve process models, organization models and resource models. The following essay compares various government business models used in America and china. The essay also describes the effectiveness of such models in improving the economy in the countries. The comparison of the government business models used in these countries will enable us determine the models that provide the best services to the citizens in the two nations. Any government business should be aimed ...

... signed with foreign customers. The government of china mainly focuses on joint venture and strategic partnership to encourage the growth of businesses in the country. There is no emphasis on how individual business people or the investors in such businesses can benefit personally. The government business models in china play a big role in the growth of china’s economy but they are outweighed by the business models of the American government. Lobbying in china is seen to be faced with many problems while in America is seen as a strength to the country. Hence, the government business models in America are better than government business models in china.
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