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This internetworking project provides a suggestion on how Midtown Engineering can improve it communication processes. The introduction section of the project examines some of the benefits such as efficient and reliable topology that Midtown Engineering Company will get through internetworking. To achieve better results, the project illustrates the design stages that the internetworking should go through. These stages can only be implemented if the project considers the available design options and design considerations that might be used to implement this project.

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Table of contents

List of tables and figures 4
Introduction 5
Technical Assessment 8
Network Infrastructure 10
Physical Network 12
Domain Naming System 16
Active Directory Structure 18
Router configuration and access control list 19
Configuration details 20
Authentication methods 22
Group policy 22
Time Schedule 23
Budget 24

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This is an internetworking project for Midtown Engineering Company. Midtown Engineering Company wants to eliminate its centralized approach. They don’t want their offices in Germany to be utterly dependent on the office in New York. The internetworking project will definitely provide an internetworking infrastructure that will work best for it in terms of efficiency and reliability. The company’s objective is to get an enhanced Architecture that will work inclusive of the new offices in Berlin and Frankfurt in Germany. Since Midtown Engineering is rethinking its centralized approach, the new offices are intended to be independent from the New York Headquarter office ...

... performance. The design suggests the possible hardware and software to meet these requirements. In addition, the design incorporates the physical network that will possibly be used for Midtown Engineering. The right topology has also been suggested and shown in figures.
With the above design plan in place, factoring in all other suggestions, WLAN will work for Midtown Engineering. The design incorporates the aspects of an ATM network which has been suggested for a start in the stations located in Germany.
The final part of this project will be setting naming principles for servers, server services, authentication methods, replication times and group policy standards.
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Princess R.

Internetworking has practical application in various aspects. This work only gives us an idea of how internetworking works.

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