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film report

this is a report on a film that was recorded in a slum area in local slum in Kenya called kibera. it tries to focus on livelihoods of poor people living in this areas so as to understand their status.

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A REPORT OF THE DANISH MEDIA TEAM FILM SHOOTING IN KIBERA AS FROM 21ST APRIL TO 13TH MAY 2009 Background The Danish Television Network carried out a number of films shooting on the livelihood of children in Kibera as from 21st April to 13th May 2009. This was in line with their annual function conducted to help them in the development of a Christmas calendar and TV program for the children in Denmark. The calendars have pictures opened each day indicating what is to happen on that day in the movie. The aim of this is to fundraise for the projects which the Danish Government is implementing in the third World Countries to help them realize positive developmental goals. This year all the proceeds from the sale of calendars will be donated to the project “Under the Same Sky” at Kibera in Kenya for construction of bio-domes in learning institutions to improve their environment. Prior to the coming of the Danish Team, we developed ...

... Tuesday 12/05/2009 Shooting at Morphat’s house on his birthday. After school he invites his friends to his house where his mother prepares a surprise favorites meal for his friends, chapatti and beef. He then cuts the cake and gives him mother then his friends Heavy rain in the evening and the van almost got stuck in he mud
Wednesday 13/05/2009 The whole team had had lunch at Norfolk hotel then bid the Danish team bye-Christopher, Luna, Rasmus, Kristian, Thomas, Isabella and her parents.

The process was very involving, however it ended up well and the Danish Media Team were grateful to Kenya Organization of Environmental Education (KOEE), Umande Trust, Security Men and all the other people they worked with for their support. They were able to do a total of seventeen short movies and about ten long movies of which they promised to send several DVD to the organization to see the work they were doing in Kibera and also share with others.
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Benjamin I.

This essay gives me an idea on how to organize one in the future. Thanks!

Princess R.

This essay reminds me of an international forum of movie making and media symposia I have attended. Nice piece!

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