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Treasured Memories

This is yet another personal reflection of a graduate of his dear Alma Mater. He recounts in this poignant essay the impact of his expriences in the campus in his total being during the time he spent his most memorable days in the college.

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Nostalgic memories of the Pangasinan State University will always be with us. Its grounds, buildings and people leave in our mind an indelible blueprint expressive ...

... hymn would tell each graduate: “Pangasinan State University, we proclaim your prestigious name Your banner we will hold up high To guide us evermore.”
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Humanistic Studies
Personal Reflections
Benjamin I.

Clothing, I believe, is relative to culture and time. What is fashionable today may no longer be fashionable tomorrow or what looks stylish among French may not look as good in the standpoint of view of a Russian or American.

Benjamin I.

This essay reminds me of my own Alma Mater...the memories left behind had had significant impact to my personality for the experiences I had in this school made me more mature individual. Thanks to my dear Alma Mater.

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