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Cognition experiment

The essay is about Cognition experiment where Wason famous selection task has been used to explain the behavior of certain subjects.

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Table of contents

Abstract 1
Introduction 2
Methodology 3
Findings and discussion 3
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The Wason famous selection task has been used to explain the behavior of subjects. The frontal lobes are widely linked with an individual’s logical reasoning. Some of the recent neuroimaging studies suggest that logical reasoning is asymmetric with respect to the frontal lobe, and this increases with some presence of familiar and meaningful content in the reasoning situation. It is argued that one element that lacks ...

... perspective on the semantic relations between the card and rule and vice versa. The subjects are required to make decisions about turning the cards bearing the rules in mind. Alternatively they make judgments about semantic properties of the set rule based on the cards. This is not merely a perspective difference that makes no change to outcome, but, is one way in which deontic and indicative rules differ.
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