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the joy luck club

Anthropologic view of Chinese culture with the concepts of family and gender in the movie The Joy Luck Club. Movie shows gender roles, kinship, and language.

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Preview of the essay: the joy luck club

Assignment 3- “The Joy Luck” The entertainment video, The Joy Luck Club, is a drama about four women’s lives and how it affects their relationship with their daughters; from an anthropological aspect it is a documentary of the Chinese culture in the aspects of family and gender. Anthropologically, there are signs of gender roles, kinship, and language throughout the film, ...

... The Chinese culture is a very complex culture filled with ancient roles, and regulations that both women and men are expected to follow. Through the film, The Joy Luck Club, the aspects of gender roles of both males and females, and kinship of a culture stand out giving the movie not only entertainment value but an insight of Chinese culture.
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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

I watched this movie before and it really made give me a venue to reflect of my own culture where women assigned with passive roles. The Chinese culture just like most Asian cultures attribute to women certain characteristics which are basically inferior to men. Of course, I observed lots of stereotypes in this movie.

The review of the movie in this essay is brief but concise, sharp and witty.

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