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Australopithecus afarensis

Fictional story of the how Australopithecus afarensis acted. Describes life in all aspects: behavior and physical appearance.

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Australopithecus afarensis I was woken tonight from loud noises, they could be related to screams but my people cannot scream yet. I was prepared to run, so I brought myself up onto my legs and looked around to see who was attacking my people. Tonight there were no lions or rhinos running through, it was my sister becoming a mother. We all stood around her curiously ...

... understand. The sky is darkening. We can’t escape. I run as hard as I can as ash falls on us. I soon am unable to breath. I lay down in the high grasses among the trees to catch my breath. My surroundings don’t look the same anymore. I don’t see the others, I cannot breath, I close my eyes, I dream. They name me Lucy. They have my same body but their faces look different. They debate how old I am.
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Benjamin I.

...awesome! I thought it was pure fiction. But had a touch of scientific dimension; a good blend of imagination, history and science.

Princess R.

This essay is full of surprise! Great job on the part of the author.

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