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WIN points

Calculate, how many WIN points you can get for your essay

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WIN great prizes!

Right now you may win a great Nintedo Wii.

In order to win a nintendo Wii, collect
the greatest number of WIN points
in year 2011.

You may see the first winner and his points on home screen under the title, "users with most win points".

You may also see your actual number of WIN points right on the home screen after logging into the system.

WIN points

What are WIN points?

We would frequently offer you opportunities to participate in contests with reasonable prizes like computers, PDA, game consoles, etc. To win some of the prizes, you have to do any of the following:

1. Submit essay (longer essay, more WIN points gathered).
2. Rate the quality of the other essays.*
3. Write a comment about the other essays.**

*You have to download the essay first, before you rate it (page with detail of the essay).

**To avoid unethical and illegal comments, all comments are authorized by our reviewers. You do not receive the win points until your comment is authorized.

For each of these actions, you score specific number of the WIN points. The actual score of your WIN points is shown on homepage after logging into the system.

The person who gathers the highest score of WIN points, in the announced period of the contest, wins the prize.

How many WIN points do I get for each action?

You would receive the maximum win points for submitting essays. These points are shown immediately in your account when your essay has been reviewed and accepted into the system. (48 hours max). For every accepted essay, your membership is prolonged by 30 days.
The table below shows you the score you get, depending only on word count of the essay.

wordcount points
300-499 words 30 pts
500-999 words 60 pts
1000-1999 words 130 pts
2000-5000 words 270 pts
5000-10000 words 550 pts
10000-20000 words 1200 pts
more than 20000 words 2500 pts

You may also get win points for writing a comment to the essay (only for the first comment per essay; any other comment to the same essay is not credited). Further, you may get points for rating of the quality of the essay you have downloaded (just go back into detail of the essay after you download it).

Table below shows you, how many points you may get for such actions:

rating of contextual quality rating of language quality comment the essay
15 pts 15 pts 30 pts

Use the WIN point calculator to find out your actual score of the Win points that you can get for your essay.

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