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Humanistic Studies




A Critical Analysis of Dostoevsky's Brother Karamazov

A critical analysis and interpretation of one of the greatest literary masterpieces in Russian Literature, the Brother Karamazov, written by Dostoevsky, one of the greatest fictionists...
 english  17555  N/A  N/A  free

A Critical Analysis of Melville's Moby Dick

A literary analysis of the American novel written by Melville entitled “Moby Dick.” The essay presents an exhaustive discussion on the structure, plot, theme, characters, dialogue...
 english  12772  N/A  N/A  free

A Critical Analysis of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

A comprehensive discussion of the play written by Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing with a special focus on the structure, plot and characterizations.
 english  11851  N/A  N/A  free

A Literary Analysis of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace

A critical survey of the novel written by LeoTolstoy entitled “War and Peace” using both traditional and modern approaches in analyzing a literary piece---sociological, historical,...
 english  11507  N/A  N/A  free

A Look Into the Essay as a Literary Form

The essay is one of the most interesting forms of literary genre. Nowadays it is the most widely used genre of literature by writers. a look into the essay as a literary form is presented...
 english  2204  N/A  N/A  free

All You Need to Know About Legends

I presented in this essay an instructive discussion about legend, its difference from myth, the different legends in the world and the like.
 english  1601  N/A  N/A  free

An Appreciation of Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’ And a Comparative study between Robert Herrick’s poem and...

This is an appreciation of Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’ and a comparative study between Robert Herrick’s poem and Wordsworth’s daffodils. ‘The Daffodils’ is a beautiful,...
 english  578  N/A  N/A  free

Analysis and Interpretation of Fielding's Tom Jones

A literary analysis and interpretation of the structure, plot, thematic content of the Fielding’s novel “Tom Jones” using the extrinsic approach of literature.
 english  12558  N/A  N/A  free

Analysis of Charles Lamb’s “On New Year’s Eve”

A detailed analysis of the tone, theme and thematic contents of the essay New Year's Eve of Charles Lamb.
 english  1197  N/A  N/A  free

Analysis of Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda

Explicated in this essay is a perceptive analysis of three selected poems of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The analysis focused on the literary elements of the sonnets written by Neruda.
 english  2843  N/A  N/A  free
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