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Humanistic Studies




Australopithecus afarensis

Fictional story of the how Australopithecus afarensis acted. Describes life in all aspects: behavior and physical appearance.
 english  1376  N/A  N/A  free

Australopithecus afarensis

Answers question: Why is Australopithecus afarensis considered a human ancestor and the robust australopithecines are not?
 english  323  N/A  N/A  free

British planning system and the emerging phenomenon of Gated Communities.

This paper has examined the particular history and current social climate of multiculturalism and housing in England, and study the ways that these ideas have interacted with the growing...
 english  5097  N/A  N/A  free

Cultural Adaptations

You will read in this essay various concepts about culture---culture as an adaptive system, culture as a vehicle of adaptation and the major characteristics of culture that make it...
 english  1791  N/A  N/A  free

Culture and Norms

I presented in this essay the role of culture in human adaptation. As a form human adaptation, cultural adaptation is as equally crucial as biological evolution.
 english  2555  N/A  N/A  free

Homo erectus

Describes how Homo erectus acted. it's relation to Atomically modern humans. it's physical appearance and social characteristics.
 english  1051  N/A  N/A  free

Homologous Characteristics

Answers Question: In terms of homologous characteristics, what should a 20 million year old human ancestor look like and what might be its potential behaviors? How would it differ from...
 english  371  N/A  N/A  free

Human Adaptation: A Look Into Biological Evolution

This essay looks into the biological aspects of human adaptation. It discusses among others the gradual adaptation in human evolution as well as its implications to human diversity.
 english  2642  N/A  N/A  free

Language and Culture: A Learning Continuum

Discussion of the relationship between individual personality and culture, how personality affects cultural interaction, behavior, etc.
 english  2591  N/A  N/A  free

Nationality and Ethnicity: A Look Into the Beyond

This essay speaks of various issues regarding ethnicity and nationalism. The essay presents interesting analysis of relationship between ethnicity and nationalism, including multiculturalism...
 english  3580  N/A  N/A  free
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