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Humanistic Studies


Synergy: Unleashing the Potential of the Organization

This essay discusses the importance of synergy in an organization, its implications, including how the organization can create synergy within to help it in achieving its goals.
 english  2215  N/A  N/A  free

The Direct Effects of Family Ownership on Knowledge Sharing

This essay looks at the Direct Effects of Family Ownership on Knowledge Sharing whereby it has researched on five hypotheses concerning the topic; it also highlights the implications...
 english  6940  N/A  N/A  free

The implication of technology on the livelihoods

It can’t be denied that using technology in communication today is the order of the day. It has become a necessity to an extent that many people and businesses can’t survive without...
 english  670  N/A  N/A  free

The Stolen Generations

Australia's 'The Stolen Generations' is about the Australian governments actions against the first people who owned this land how they stole their children and forced them to be virtual...
 english  4823  N/A  N/A  free

The Walt Disney Hall

The Walt Disney concert Hall lies at 111 South Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles-California. This prestigious hall is the fourth of the Los Angeles Music Center.
 english  1444  N/A  N/A  free

TV Shows: Its Effects and Influences on Teenagers

Watching TV has affected students or teenagers of this generation.
 english  1292  N/A  N/A  free

Values and Moral Decadence: Business and Human Society in Focus

Discusses the causes of moral decadence and deterioration of moral values, including profit ethics and altruism in business.
 english  5455  N/A  N/A  free

Water sanitation for life preservation

The waters polluted by human wastes each day are insurmountable. The rivers where our fathers swam unto are now swamped by lead and cadmium. Who dares venture unto those tainted waters?...
 english  949  N/A  N/A  free

Why Research

This essay rationalizes on the importance of conducting research in the academe as one of its four-fold functions.
 english  459  N/A  N/A  free
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