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Admission essay

How to structure an admission essay?

Writing an admission essay can be compared to writing a brief autobiography omitting many details that a normal autobiography would have. The student has to remember one important thing. The authorities in the admission Committee are not interested in irrelevant details. The student should at first make a rough sketch jotting down points that he wishes to convey. Secondly he should analyze how these experiences have contributed to making him the person he is. The next step would be to pick those characteristics that would come in handy in the curriculum. This would impress the authority about his eligibility. Having priorotised his selling qualities he should sit down to writing his admission essay.

The introduction must be brief, original and arresting. Not all students would have their fathers murdered or mothers traumatized. The experience must be authentic and not contrived.

He must focus on highlighting those experiences that would be most relevant and form his paragraphs. Even if the experiences are not in chronological order, the evolution of the student’s character must be presented in a very cohesive manner and the ideas must flow naturally from one paragraph to another giving a very organized structure. The admission essay must not be too descriptive focusing on minor details. If it is just a personal statement, where there are no questions asked the student needs to include his career goals and the purpose of his choice of a particular University in the concluding paragraph. There must be no errors and clumsy sentence constructions.

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