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Admission essay

Pitfalls while writing your admission essay.

The following would be pitfalls that you would have to avoid while preparing your admission essay.

First of all, do not blatantly brag about your achievements and positive traits. They must be so cleverly interspersed in your essay that the person reading your essay must get curious to see you and be interested in you as a potential candidate.

Secondly, do not rely excessively on the essays of other people and copy them. Your admission essay must carry your unique stamp. Download few of our admission essays and learn from them, using them as examples.

Be aware that presentation is part of the merit of your essay. Apart from proper grammar and good sentence constructions, present your essay neatly. Would you give a second glance to a shabbily dressed person? Similarly, if you do not format your essay well, you are not going to make a good impression. Your essay must adhere to all the rules stipulated in the application form and follow every minute detail as ‘single space’ or ‘double space’ one inch margin or similar requirements.

You may be sure of your merits, you may have your extra curricular activities ready to be certified and listed but how do you present them? To the untutored this may seem an easy task but the admission panel wants something extra that is not based on merit of achievement alone.

Get guidance from our site. You can write your admission essay and be peaceful after you download one example of an admission essay from the academic library of essays.

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