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do you write a story analysis?

Reading a short story is easy .Not so easy is the task of writing an essay on a short story. Writing an essay on a short story be it in appreciation of the theme, style, or literary devices used in it or a literary analysis calls for a different kind of skill. This is likely to be a daunting task for the student. How does one go about it?

Writing a story analysis is likely to be more difficult than writing on a play or a bigger piece of literature. While a play gives more scope for the student to get a rounded picture of the characters depicted in it, it calls for a lot of work and a discerning eye to keep looking for implicit and explicit traits in the character of a short story. The student may have to deduce a number of things also by personal interpretation.

So how does one write a short story analysis?

This is somewhat similar to appreciating a play because here also it is a description of events and the student has to make his story analysis from different aspects. For example, the question may be from the author’s background and the implications found in the story. In this case, the student would have to go through the background details of the author and start his work thereon. If the question is about a particular trait of the author revealed in the story, then learning more details about the author and correlating those with the depiction in the story would help. For example, a misogynist is likely to give his negative views about women in his story.

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