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do you write an autobiography essay?

Students are given the task of writing an imaginary autobiography and they are likely to find this a difficult task. This calls not for a lot of imagination but also a bit of in-depth knowledge about the person the student is supposed to write about.

This essay must have a very distinctive style of its own because the narrator is the imaginary character. A student would have to speak the language of the horse or a coin or a bee as the question is. The student ought to read and collect as many details as possible about the topic he is about to write. One difficulty is the lack of ideas and this can be rectified only by reading extra details.

For example, if a junior student is asked to write an autobiographical essay of a coin, then he would have to be the coin. He should know something about his own birth as a coin. This takes us to the origin of a coin and the early stages and gradual advancement in technology. The student has to know all this and only if he writes his essay showing that he has knowledge of this would the essay be a good one. If he has to write about a watch, a bee or a rose, then he ought to read something about the origin and the early life and then intersperse it creatively with his present life adding some colorful touches. It should start with the past tense, recounting his life experiences in a very interesting and arresting manner and connecting and relating it to the present situation.

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