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Biology defines the term cloning as that scientific process that produces a number of populations of individuals who are genetically identical and this occurs in nature of sexual production that could be exhibited in organisms like plants, insects, or even bacteria.

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The history of cloning
Cloning according to the Bible
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CLONING Introduction In the recent past, scientists have continued very much to make simpler the many scientific and nature’s mysteries, and as technology is becoming a very widely dominant force in many areas worldwide, there is over and over again an essential piece of the puzzle which is hard to find, and this is the responsibility that is accompanied with it. However much people have to appraise of the vast benefits that have come with the evolution of contemporary technological knowhow, not ...

... single obligation to make decision about his own life.
From the lengthy and hot discussion that has been held in the paper, it is imperative to note that however much the scientific process and innovations in cloning is accepting some recognizable acceptance, there still lie a lot of controversies (Curan, 54). Some protagonist try to adjust to the modern way of so called ‘life improvement method’ while others are very much against it with an argument of unethical existence, breech of the religious standards, and disrespect to the creator.
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Benjamin I.

Cloning is a very controversial issue in the medical community because of its ethical attachment and moral implications. Can we sacrifice morality for progress? It has to be answered by man...

Gisele C.

cloning can be done, but are we ready for unexpected consequences? Science is progressing, but man has limitations too.

Essay K.

Very interesting observation on such a topical and diversive debate, nicely done!

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