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Water on Space Station

I wondered how does it work on space stations where natural resource does not exist and where long term isolation do not allow to refill water reserves like on transatlantic cruises or to dump waste like air plain staff do on the airports.

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Hot shower or a quick splash at the lavatory is something which the astronauts can just dream of. Once on board the International Space Station, spacefarers are in for a steady diet of sponge baths using water distilled from, among other places, their crewmates breath!
The crew will eventually include lab rodents ...

... technology systems will not be useful for deeper space explorations only but it is already clear that these systems will allow many people on the Earth to have a ready access to a clean water supply. The system could be used at a wilderness research station or on a ship, for example. "The Navy has talked to us about using it on submarines," Hutchens said. "Any small remote area where you would need clean water could use this system."
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