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Bottling "Natural Mineral Water" In Malaysia

Discuss the steps you need to establish to enable your product comply with the regulatory requirement of Malaysia. The content includes sources of natural mineral water, processing steps, packaging, labeling, licensing, license application for the sources, guidelines for licensee, and the standard for natural mineral water, which comprises of 3 parts: Chemical standard, bacteriological standard, and radioactivity.

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Table of contents

A) Sources of Natural Mineral Water (Pg.2)
B) Processing of Natural Mineral Water (Pg.2-3)
C1) Packaging of Natural Mineral Water (Pg.3)
D) Labelling  of Natural Mineral Water (Pg.5-6)
E) Licensing of Natural Mineral Water (Pg.6)
F) License Application for Source of Mineral Water (Pg.6-8)
G) Guidelines (Pg. 8-9)
H)Garis Panduan Penyediaan Manual Kawalan Keselmatan Air Minuman Berbungkus dan Air Mineral Semulajadi (Pg.10)
References (Pg.10)

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Bottling “Natural Mineral Water” in Malaysia Discuss the Steps you need to establish to enable your Product Comply with the Regulatory Requirement of Malaysia. A) Sources of Natural Mineral Water From the Food Regulations 360A (1), natural mineral water shall be ground water which is obtained for human consumption from subterranean water- bearing strata through a spring, well, bore or other exit, with or without the addition of carbon dioxide. Besides that, natural ...

... complete manual in the approval of licensing of natural mineral water. The safety control manual shall include the following elements:

(a) Maklumat dan butiran syarikat
(b) Maklumat kedudukan kilang
(c) Maklumat punca air
(d) Keterangan berkenaan kaedah rawatan air
(e) Rekabentuk kilang
(f) Kawalan makhluk perosak
(g) Label
(h) Prinsip sistem jaminan keselamatan dan kualiti makanan
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Natural Sciences
Water Management
Princess R.

Malaysia is definitely one of the best palces to live. The bottling industry in malaysia is undeniably booming. Nice write-up!

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